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After a lifetime working with wild fish and perfecting their preservation as food, I feel the time has come to share my knowledge so that future generations can understand the importance and practice of traditional, true food production, without recourse to anything artificial.


In this time of mass production on so many levels of our food systems, we can see a disconnect between working with what nature can provide and how we can convert this  bounty into something that sustains us, gives us pleasure and feeds local communities both physically and on an emotional level, with minimal impact to the environment.

To me these days, there seems to be such a departure from the traditional, sensical and sustainable way of life that used to dictate our relationship with our food in a given landscape.


From the proliferation of chemicals in our food chain, mass production, pollution of the land and waters, to non-appropriate enforced EU regulations that are stifling small-scale artisan production, I have seen the decline of fish stocks going hand in hand with a distortion of our cultural food heritage.

We seem to have lost touch with our basic raw material and the processes employed over millennia to conserve nature’s bounty.


To this end, I have created the Keep with @uptherethelast


@skookum_designs  @uptherethelast

@skookum_designs @uptherethelast

Through a series of courses I am holding at the smokery up in the coastal hills of West Cork, I aim to openly share the near-lost art of preserving wild fish with salt and smoke, before it is forgotten.

These will reconnect anyone from the curious amateur to the working professional to what was once commonplace in peripheral coastal communities.

 It is my wish that you leave with the ability to preserve your own wild fish following the traditional Sally Barnes Method techniques, by letting you into my production secrets that I can safely say will change the way you look at smoked fish forever.

Sally Ferns Barnes