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Wild Atlantic Salmon Oil


20ml Vial

Wild Salmon are the beautiful red colour they are because they journey many miles in the Atlantic on a huge adventure before returning to their inland rivers to spawn. For this they require great strength, and receive it by eating krill. These tiny crustacea consume even smaller organisms, which contain Astaxanthin- a bright red carotenoid compound which is the most powerful antioxidant available in the natural world, created by algae to neutralise harmful free radicals.

The wild Salmon are unable to produce Astaxanthin so they eat Krill, and we are unable to produce it so we eat Wild Salmon and have thus revered it for its nutritional benefits for millenia. They bring nutrients to us from within the Arctic Circle.

As part of the smoking process of our Wild Atalantic Salmon, we obtain the oil by rendering it from offcuts after a first bout of hardwood smoking. The benefit of this extra treatment is that the the smoke prevents early rancification of the oil, as well as imbuing it with a pleasing flavour.

Use as a food suppliment or drizzle over a bowl of chowder for colour and flavour.

Each bottle is sealed with organic local beeswax.

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Additional Info

Because of the mass-industralised nature of food production in our modern world, we are unable to sell because the approval bodies require 1 litre of the oil for testing. The Wild Salmon are incredibly precious and one season will yield much less than a litre, so it is tantamount to throwing all the year’s production into the bin, which I am not interested in doing.

If you trust my judgment in my 40 years of smoking wild fish and would like to know more, then please contact the smokery directly.