Wild Atlantic Salmon Bottarga


Please contact us directly if you are interested in this product.

Around 35 grams

As we handle each indivisual Salmon by hand, occasionally we come across the females which contain roe. As the fish are caught having just come in from the sea, their eggs are still very small and after a very extensive period of trial and error applying my smoking methods, the outcome has been extraordinary. The roe is salted, briefly cold smoked, then air dried for up to three days. After this, they are dipped in organic beeswax as this has much the same effect and is a great substitude for vacuum plastic, preventing re-hyrdration and oxidation.

Each individually sent out in a protective, insulating layer of upcycled wool, we skip yet another use of plastic.

Grated over pasta, risotto, or a simple poached egg, this is a product that is unique to Woodcock Smokery, and rarer than hen’s teeth.

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Additional Info

Because of the mass-industralised nature of food production in our modern world, we are unable to sell because the approval bodies require half a kilo of the Bottarga for testing. The Wild Salmon are incredibly precious and one season will yield much less than a this, so it is tantamount to throwing all the year’s production into the bin, which I am not interested in doing.

If you trust my judgment in my 40 years of smoking wild fish and would like to know more, then please contact the smokery directly.

Weighing around 35g, without the beeswax coating, so you just are just buying the Bottarga.