Hot-Smoke Mackerel


Immensly popular. Each pack contains two fillets, averaging around 250g.

One of life's great joys is to open the smoker after the mackerel have reached optimum cooking temperature, and scarf one down right there and then in the workshop, oil dripping from your fingers.


Mackerel stocks still appear to be relatively abundant and I have few problems sourcing sufficient quantities throughout the year.

The success of the hot smoked mackerel is down to a three step process which ensures the maximum retention of fats, combined with hard-wood smoke and maillard effect, caramelising the natural sugars in the fish, contributing to the authentic and natural colouration that other, artificially dyed fish seeks to replicate.

These fats are anciently recognised to be hugely beneficial to a healthy diet, and my hands are incredibly soft after the two days it takes to process the fish!

Eat at room temperature, or just heat through in the oven so the oils begin to loosen.




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Additional Info

As we deal with wild fish and cannot ask the ocean for specific sizes, the average weight of the pieces sent out will be 250g. If it’s a little bigger, lucky you! If it’s a little smaller, that it be!

By purchasing our fish online you are kindly accepting these terms.