All of our products are from fresh, wild fish caught by sustainable methods. We use no artificial chemicals or dyes, only traditional smoking methods over native hardwoods.

Discerning chefs and restaurateurs have discovered the quality of our smoked fish and our products are used by, among others: Derry Clarke at L'Ecrivain Restaurant in Dublin, Micheal Quin at Waterford Castle, The Winding Stair Restaurant in Dublin, Avoca Food Hall, Richard Corrigan, and Darina Allen in courses at Ballymalloe.

Cold Smoked Haddock

One of the sweetest of white fish, very fine and flaky and with no dye - our colour is from the smoke.

Cold Smoked Pollack

A member of the cod family with a delicate flavour and often used in recipes as an alternative to both cod and haddock.

Hot Smoked Mackerel

These are juicy, oil-rich, ready-to-eat, and ideal cold or warmed through. They make for delicious salads or extravagant pâtés.

Hot Smoked Tuna

This is a tuna unlike any you have ever tasted. It's a succulent meaty bite with subtle smoke and ocean tastes.


The most traditional of smoked foods, cooked very briefly to retain the oils. A subtle flavour that combines salt and smoke, it delivers a succulence that belies its reputation.

Matured Wild Smoked Salmon

Has a velvety, homogenised flavour that melts in the mouth. Only a select few fish are chosen for this process and they are matured for at least three months.

woodcock07Wild Smoked Salmon

This time honoured traditional cure respects this creature - the king of fishes.

Our products are available in retail outlets and restaurants throughout West Cork as well as both nationally and in the UK.  We do operate a mail order service and you will find an online order form on this site. 

Please remember, though, that ours is a smokery dealing only in fresh fish when it is available, we are not like a factory turning out identical products all the time.
For that reason we like to ensure that we can fill your order before you part with your money. So, if you submit an online order we will check the availability of what you would like to order and calculate the cost of packing it and mailing it for you. We will then provide you with an email invoice through PayPal which you can pay online over secure lines.

This adds very little time to the process of ordering, but it may save you from disappointment. We value our customers, many of whom have been buying smoked fish from us for years, and don’t like to disappoint any of them.

Although we do have a number of overseas customers, we are, under current regulations, unable to ship any of our products to Australia or New Zealand.

For nutrient data on our haddock, kippers and mackerel please click Here