We do operate a mail order service, but we like to confirm availability and cost with you before you pay. You will find an online order form here.

Please remember, ours is a smokery dealing only in fresh fish when it is available, we are not like a factory turning out identical products all the time. For that reason we like to ensure that we can fill your order before you part with your money.

So, if you submit an online order we will check the availability of what you would like to order and calculate the cost of packing it and delivering it for you. We will then provide you with an email invoice through PayPal which you can pay online over secure lines.

This adds very little time to the process of ordering, but it may save you from disappointment.

Please check our current prices on the Ordering page and then fill in the number of packs or sides or pieces of each kind of product you require on the order form. Once you have submitted the form we will:

    Confirm the availability of each product ordered
    Calculate the cost of packaging and delivering to you
    Email you an online invoice

As soon as we receive payment we will process and post your order.

Although we do have a number of overseas customers, we are, under current regulations, unable to ship any of our products to Australia or New Zealand.


Cold Smoked Haddock
€8.50 per 300g pack

Cold Smoked Pollack
€8.50 per 300g pack

Hot Smoked Mackerel
€5.80 per 300g pack

Hot Smoked Tuna
€5.80 per 150g pack

€5.80 per 300g pack

Our pack weights are always approximate as individual fish will vary in size.
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For nutrient data on our haddock, kippers and mackerel please click Here


Smoked Salmon


Delivery Before Christmas Guaranteed if Ordered by 31 October 2017


Full Side of Wild Smoked Salmon

Approximately 750g, €98 dependent on actual weight


Wild Smoke Salmon Pieces

Priced at €140 per kilo, actual price per piece dependent on size order now